The Enactia Platform Reseller Program enables selected certified partners to resell platform subscriptions via Direct Referrals and/or Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Referrals or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Audits (if your business provides DPO Services or GRC Audits to third parties).



We are happy to announce a partnership with OptInsight.
OptInsight makes organizing customer data and privacy accountability easy and seamless.


Enactia and OptInsight can work together to offer comprehensive privacy governance and management solutions for any organization.  

OptInsight offers:


A direct referral partner is awarded an ongoing commission payout according to the total active number of user license subscriptions referred to the Enactia Platform. Direct Referrals are tracked with a discount code for your referred clients.


If your business (LLC or Corporate Services) provides Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Governance Risk Compliance related services to third parties, the Enactia reseller platform will be beneficial to you and your end customer. You can refer your end customer to register and create an account on the Enactia Cloud Platform.

In turn, they can provide you with access to utilize the platform to manage their privacy related obligations, or you as a reseller have the option to register and use the platform on behalf of your customer. The Enactia reseller program will award your company an ongoing commission payout according to the total active number of user license subscriptions.

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