Enactia Information Security Statement


Information Security Statement

Enactia Ltd is fully committed to protecting our business, assets, information, customers and employees from security threats in our operations in line with our corporate philosophy of “building trust”.

This policy is guided by the company’s basic core value, code of conduct, business ethics  and it fashions the way we conduct business.

We strive to achieve the above through the following security measures and practices:
•    Implementation of security controls and risk prevention policies and processes 
•    Incident management framework to ensure timely escalation, response, and correction
•    Regular risk management audits and evaluation to identify and address areas for improvement
•    Creating security awareness in both our employees and contractors through regular communications and training
•    Proper contracting process and screening for our business partners and contractors

This statement is communicated to all staff as well as published publicly for awareness to our business partners, customers, and contractors. It is important that our staff, partners, and contractors understand their responsibilities in connection with this statement and contribute positively to our goals.
This policy will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date.

Nikolas Valerkos - Enactia Co-Founder

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